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Artículos Académicos

The End of Laissez-Faire (1926), by John M. Keynes

Economics Possibilities for our Grandchildren (1930), by John M. Keynes

The Principle of Increasing Risk (1937), by Michal Kalecki

Political Aspects of Full Employment (1943), by Michal Kalecki

Professor Schumpeter’s Theory of Innovation (1943), by Paul Sweezy

The Production Function and the Theory of Capital (1953), by Joan Robinson

Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth (1961), by Nicholas Kaldor

The Development of Underdevelopment (1966), by Andre Gunder Frank

The Laws of Uneven Development (1969), by Ernest Mandel

The Structure of Dependence (1970), by Theotonio Dos Santos

The Irrelevance of Equilibrium Economics (1972), by Nicholas Kaldor

Economists as servants of power (1974), por Samuel Bowles

State of Development Economics (1975), por Stephen Resnick

The Problem with Human Capital Theory: A Marxian Critique (1975), by Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis

Contractionary effect of devaluation (1978), by Paul Krugman and Lance Taylor

Smith and Marx (1977), by Ronald Meek

Political economy and capitalism: notes on Dobb’s theory of crisis (1978), by Anwar Shaikh

Time in Economic Theory (1980), by Joan Robinson

Capitalist Financial Processes and the Instability of Capitalism (1980), by Hyman Minsky

The Welfare State and Long-Term Economic Growth: Marxian, Neoclassical, and Keynesian Approaches (1982), by Herbert Gintis and Samuel Bowles

Economics and Political Economy: Marx, Keynes, and Schumpeter (1984), by Robert Heilbroner

The Centrality of Money, Credit, and Financial Intermediation in Marx’s Crisis Theory: An Interpretation of Marx’s Methodology (1985), by James Crotty

The Production Process in a Competitive Economy: Walrasian, Non-Hobbesian, and Marxian Models (1985), by Herbert Gintis and Samuel Bowles

Marx, Keynes, and Minsky on the Instability of the Capitalist Growth Process and the Nature of Government Economic Policy (1986), by James Crotty

In Defense of Socialist Planning (1986), by Ernest Mandel

The Financial Instability Hypothesis (1992), by Hyman Minsky

Neoclassical and Keynesian approaches to the theory of investment (1993), by James Crotty

Walrasian Economics in Retrospect (2000), by Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis

Retomar la Agenda de Desarrollo (2001), Jose Antonio Ocampo

An important inconsistency at the heart of the standard macroeconomic model (2002), by Anwar Shaikh and Wynee Godley

Why Do Global Markets Suffer From Chronic Excess Capacity?: Insights From Keynes, Schumpeter and Marx (2002), by James Crotty

Los términos de intercambio de los productos básicos en el siglo XX (2003), by José Antonio Ocampo

The economic mythology of neoliberalism (2004), by Anwar Shaikh

Structural Causes of the Global Financial Crisis: A Critical Assessment of the ‘New Financial Architecture’ (2008), by James Crotty

The Realism of Assumptions Does Matter: Why Keynes-Minsky Theory Must Replace Efficient Market Theory as the Guide to Financial Regulation Policy (2011), por James Crotty

The Great Austerity War: What Caused the US Deficit Crisis and Who Should Pay to Fix It? (2011), by James Crotty

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